Ss. Peter And Paul Church Performs Cantata

A Good Friday cantata was performed at Ss. Peter and Paul Church early Friday afternoon.

Specifically, the title of the cantata was “The Seven Last Words of Christ,” by Theodore Dubois. The cantata blended music from the choir of Holy Apostles Parish and acting from the Holy Apostles Parish Religious Education program. It was well attended, and the weather could not have been more agreeable.

“The (cantata) is taken from the scriptural recording of the various events that unfolded as Jesus was led to the cross,” said Father Dennis W. Mende. “The various responses people had to being there and (Christ’s) response is also core to the cantata.”

For the nonreligious, the cantata is performed in movements which reflect the varying elements of sorrow and grief surrounding Christ at the time of his death. Guests are welcome to participate by reading responses which correlate to what the lector is saying.

“The students really didn’t get to put in a lot of preparation for this event,” said Mende. “They rehearsed a few times and did a walk-through this morning before the service, but they did an excellent job in spite of that fact.”

In total, the cantata took one hour, and guests were excited to walk into the sunshine that waited for them outside once the service closed.

Members of the choir are: Kathleen Healey, soprano; Tony Dolce, tenor; Bill Chandler and Gary Olson; baritone.