Ken Aldrich was the lone three-game winner during recent action of the Chautauqua Lake Seniors Horseshoe League.

Aldrich tossed games of 79, 76 and 75 points with a total of 17 ringers.

Kurt VonKliest won 2 thanks to games of 85 points with 27 ringers and 88 points with 28 ringers. His tie was pitched against Art Mitchell, as the pair both tossed games of 93 points with Mitchell recording eight ringers and VonKliest 28 ringers.

Two-game ringers included Ralph Whitney, Topper Westerdahl and Larry Piazza.

Whitney had games of 89 points with nine ringers and 77 points with five ringers, Westerdahl delivered 88 and 82 points with 26 total ringers and Piazza had high games of 88 points with 12 ringers.

Fred Clark recorded 81 points with eight ringers.