Ellicott Town Board Refers Zoning Changes To Planning Board

The comprehensive plan in the town of Ellicott may change to allow for additional parking for a doctor’s office on Dunham Avenue.

On Monday, a public hearing was held on the possible modification to the town’s comprehensive plan. No residents spoke or attended the public hearing. Also, no council members spoke during the public hearing.

According to the minutes of the Town Council’s March 4 meeting, the public hearing on modifying the comprehensive plan was held because of a request for rezoning along Edith Avenue. Richard Benedetto asked about the status of his request to rezone property he owns on Edith Avenue from residential to neighborhood business. Benedetto had made the original request during a Nov. 5, 2012, meeting. Benedetto stated the reason he wants the property rezoned is to construct an additional parking lot for a doctor’s office located on Dunham Ave.

According to the March 4 meeting minutes, William Wright Jr., town attorney, stated that if the council granted Benedetto’s request for rezoning, the town’s comprehensive plan would need to be changed. In order to change the town’s comprehensive plan, a public hearing first needed to be held.

After the public hearing on March 18, the Town Council referred the possible zoning change request to the town’s Planning Board. Wright told the council the comprehensive plan’s zoning for Edith Avenue has already been changed once since it was passed in 2010.

In other council business, another request for a zoning change was also referred to the town’s Planning Board. There was a request to rezone the property that used to be where Yum-Yums restaurant was located. The property is zoned professional office, but the request was to have it changed to shopping center. The Town Council discussed whether this would be a good zoning change for the property because it is near residential neighborhoods. If the Planning Board does approve the zoning change, the request would be discussed again by the Town Council because they have final approval.