Leave The Boy Scouts Alone

To The Reader’s Forum:

“Boy Scouts Of America At A Crossroads” reads more like an op-ed than a legitimate article because its advocacy for gay scouting is so apparent.

Featuring openly gay City Council President Greg Rabb only biases the piece even more. Fortunately, Rabb’s confused and twisted thoughts on the subject can be easily refuted. First, Rabb claims the Boy Scout’s policy of excluding openly gay scouts and scout leaders is “discrimination,” and “there’s never a valid excuse for discrimination.”

But wait, the Boy Scouts, like many civic and religious groups and organizations, is a private, non-profit, non-government entity. It has the right to its own moral or philosophical values. Is it discrimination, for example, for the Knights of Columbus, to exclude atheists from membership? Rabb is using the word “discrimination” in a dishonest way.

Second, Rabb says, “If a gay boy wants to join the Boy Scouts to become a better man, then he should be allowed.” Here’s where the twisted and confusing part of Rabb’s thinking shows. The current Boy Scout policy discouraging gay activity holds out hope for a gay teen entering scouting to become a better man, based on the traditional Christian moral understanding of what it means to be a good man. Currently nobody asks and nobody is advocating asking a teen if he’s gay in order to enter scouting, and anyway, like Rabb says, “an 11-year-old kid probably still isn?t entirely sure about his sexuality.”

Scouting, as it’s presently structured, greatly helps confused teens become men; there’s no need for any policy change like Rabb argues. Third, Rabb claims under the present policy “they’re forcing them (boys) to say that they’re gay or straight; putting the kid on the spot like that is just ridiculous.”

But nobody is forcing boys to say if they’re gay or straight; nobody is putting them on the spot – this is just false. Gay activists like Rabb are pushing this gay issue on boys, then complaining that boys are having to face this issue! It’s hypocrisy. Mr. Rabb, mind your own political business! You are politicizing all of culture when you go after private organizations with your gay agenda. Please respect the moral values of others, even if you don’t agree with them. Leave the Boy Scouts alone. If you feel strongly enough about it, form your own troop called, “Gay Scouts.”

Pastor Jeff Short

Jamestown, N.Y.