Goodell Opposes Proposed Satellite Television Tax

State Assemblyman Andy Goodell, R-C-I-Chautauqua County, is opposing to proposed legislation, Assembly bill 5118, that would impose a 5 percent tax on satellite television customers.

The proposed legislation would cost state residents from $50 to $100 million a year.

“This proposal would create an unnecessary tax burden on Western New York residents and is simply another money grab by downstate politicians who are out-of-touch with the way of life outside New York City,” Goodell said. “In Chautauqua County, we’re working hard to improve our economy and generate growth. This proposed fee would move New York state in the wrong direction.”

Satellite television customers are exempt from the fee. However, cable companies in New York pay up to 5 percent to local governments under franchise agreements with municipalities. The fee reflects the fact that the cable companies use local telephone poles and other utilities subject to local regulation and are granted a local monopoly for their cable services.

“This fee would disproportionately affect those in rural areas like Chautauqua County. We need to reduce taxes, fees, and assessments that apply against businesses and are paid by local residents, rather than to seek new and imaginative ways to tax people,” Goodell said.