Girls Rock: Swan Celebrations To Continue Friday

The annual observation of Support Women Artists Now began this month in Jamestown with an exhibit, with a live concert to follow on Friday.

Girls Rock 6, a show that features several area female musicians, is scheduled for Friday at 10 p.m. at Mojo’s in Jamestown. The event is organized in conjunction with WomenArts, “”>, as a part of SWAN Day 2013. Admission is $5.

According to Cindy Haight, organizer of Girls Rock 6, the event is a celebration of the Women in Music Arts in the regional area.

“It’s an opportunity for women to collaborate and support each other’s songs,” said Haight. “We are often playing gigs ourselves, and don’t have the chance to go see each other play, so this is a chance to see, hear and support other women who play music, either for a living or for the love of doing it, or both.”

Haight said she is very excited about this year’s show because the last Girls Rock was held in August of 2009.

“It was a lot of fun, and it’s just been way too long since we have done this together,” said Haight. “I am especially excited to hear the performances of the artists on the bill.”

The show will feature Amanda Barton, a former Big Leg Emma member who has since gone out on a roots-oriented project with local musician Bill Ward.

Kat Elfman is the youngest girl rocker this year. She is working in Nashville and just signed with a recording company.

Elfman said she is really excited to do Girls Rock 6 because she performed in the first event of the series, and it was one of the best shows in which she has played.

“I feel honored that I was chosen to perform in it again,” said Elfman. “I’m currently working in Nashville doing music through Kent Wells Production and Go Time Records. It will be really fun to come back into Jamestown for an event like this. There’s a lot of female talent in our area, and it’s nice to celebrate it. I hope to be a part of many more Girls Rock nights in the future.”

The show will also feature Lori Burke, from Tiger Maple String Band, who will perform a solo set. Burke recently released a solo CD, which will be available at the show. Marla Harris, one of Haight’s favorite singers, will also perform, she said.

Headlining the show is Gina Vecchio. Vecchio is currently working with her new band, Gina V & The Barn Cats, which features her original music. Beginning in April, Vecchio and her guitar player, Barry Edwards, will be in the studio recording an acoustic CD of 10 original songs. The title track and name of the CD will be “Just a Dream.” The band plays local and regional venues, and a schedule of upcoming shows can be found at

Vecchio is very excited and honored to have been asked to perform for Girls Rock 6, she said.

“I believe that this event is an empowering and positive way to unite female musicians in order to create and share what we do with our community,” said Vecchio. “I am honored to be among these talented female musicians. I am looking forward to watching and hearing everyone perform.”

“Gina is so special to me, not just because I’ve been a fan of hers for so long, but because she recently taught herself guitar and has embarked on a songwriting venture,” added Haight. “She has invited me to be a guest on her upcoming recording, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

The show will also feature special guest appearances from Sara Rafaloski, also known as “Sara the Greatest,” and Natalie Langworthy. Rafaloski will play acoustic bass, and Langworthy will jam on percussion support for the grand finale all girls rock jam at the end of the night.

For more information search for “Girls Rock 6” on Facebook.