Cause Found For Frewsburg Gas Odor

FREWSBURG – An overabundance of a chemical used to detect natural gas leaks has been cited as causing a widespread odor throughout Frewsburg last week.

At least 100 residents reportedly contacted National Fuel to report a strong odor of natural gas. Crews responded to dozens of homes in an attempt to locate the source.

It wasn’t found after an exhaustive search.

A National Fuel spokeswoman Tuesday said a chemical added to natural gas produced the smell. Karen Merkel said crews placed too much of the odorant into gas lines, which then produced the sulfur-like odor.

No one in Frewsburg was in danger, she said.

“As we noted last week it was an odorant problem, not a gas emergency,” she said. “Apparently there was an overabundance put into the pipes, and it needed to burn off.”

A National Fuel employee in the Frewsburg area said he could not recall a similar situation occurring in the general area within the last 13 years. Merkel confirmed last week’s incident was not common.

“This is not something that happens often,” she said.