Tom Reed Joins No Labels Group

WASHINGTON – In an effort to make major changes in Washington, U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, R-New York, is going bipartisan.

Reed recently announced he joined a “No Labels” group, which consists of more than 50 of his colleagues, in order to find common ground on the issues being faced in Washington. No Labels is a group in the House and Senate, open to members of any political party.

“We’re excited to be joining this practical group of bipartisan problem-solvers,” Reed said. “We came to Washington to change the culture, and this group will help do just that. There are real philosophical differences, but that does not mean we shouldn’t be building trust and respect. No Labels will act as a force to bring us together.

No Labels is Reed’s latest initiative to encourage bipartisanship in Washington. Reed is also a member of the Go Big Coalition, another bipartisan group which focuses on deficit reduction.

“We believe strongly in working together,” Reed said. “Nearly all of the bills we have introduced have Democratic co-sponsors, and joining No Labels is another step toward identifying common ground and building relationships in Washington.”

While on the campaign trail, bipartisanship is something Reed preached. In November, Reed told The Post-Journal that issues need to be solved. Being one of 12 children, Reed noted his upbringing in a crowded, convoluted household – similar to the gridlock in Washington.

“There were a lot of different points of view,” he said. “There were a lot of different conversations going on.”

Because of this, Reed supported bipartisan measures in order to make change. He told The Post-Journal that building relationships with other freshmen lawmakers would be the first step toward building bipartisanship.