Out Like A Lion

Spring has sprung, but winter weather is the talk of the town.

Less than a week after calendars declared a new season, the city of Jamestown was slammed with heavy, wet snow. According to the National Weather Service, the city received more than 7 inches of accumulation through Monday.

The rest of the Southern Tier, though, has managed to stay relatively free of winter weather.

“Snow at this time of the year isn’t all that unusual in this area,” said meteorologist Kirk Apffel. “Just because the calendars say it’s spring doesn’t mean the snow stops.”

A synoptic storm moving into the Mid-Atlantic region brought significant snowfall to Jamestown. Unlike lake-effect snow storms that typically miss the area, the latest storm had a direct impact.

“Other parts of the area, like the north-end of the county, got virtually nothing from this,” Apffel said. “It was kind of an unusual event that Jamestown got as much as it did.”

As for temperatures, they’re down, too. The National Weather Service said temperatures in March currently are 1-degree below average. That’s a stark difference from last year, when temperatures were 13-degrees above average for the month.

“It’s like night and day,” Apffel said. “We go from having one of the warmest seasons on record last year to this.”

Meanwhile, current weather has wreaked havoc with upcoming holiday events. In Busti, the annual Easter egg hunt, scheduled for Saturday, was canceled.

An Easter egg hunt in Mayville, also scheduled for Saturday, was postponed due to weather until April 14 at 2 p.m. at Lakeside Park. And in Gerry, an Easter egg hunt has been re-scheduled for April 13 at 10 a.m. at the town park.

Area sports teams also are feeling the sting of late-season snow. Men’s baseball at Jamestown Community College had its game canceled Tuesday in Pittsburgh due to a half-foot of accumulation.

“We don’t see getting to a stadium this week,” said Keith Martin, JCC athletic director. “The snow has bumped our baseball season back.”

“All the teams have been practicing indoors,” he said, “which is nothing new for us in pre-season. Most of our coaches have dealt with snow before.”

The college baseball squad does have make-up days in May for missed games, Martin said. He noted the softball and golf seasons might be delayed if the snow does not let up. The softball team out of Olean currently is in Myrtle Beach; the golf season starts April 5.

“Those sports are definitely in question right now,” he said.