Falconer Rotary Donates To Child Advocacy Program

Falconer Rotary presented Jana McDermott with a check for $300 to be used to buy books for the Child Advocacy Program. These books will be given to children and their families and speak to the issue of safety for the children and their families.

McDermott spent time updating the rotary on the changes in the program. It has doubled in the last several years, allowing them to reach out and provide care and counseling to children who are victims of physical and sexual abuse and their families. They have been able to add a medical component to the program and have on-site counseling and interviewing. All of this helps to reduce the trauma of the victims telling their story over and over to new faces and in new settings.

Their newest initiative, Stewards of Children Training, is a program designed to train parents, caregivers, staff and volunteers at schools, daycares, faith centers, recreation departments and other youth-serving organizations. It is a 2-hour program. It is CAP’s goal to train 5,000 people or 5 percent of the adults in the county this year. The theory is that each of these people will impact at least 10 children’s lives – thus saving 50,000 children from abuse.

Donating money to CAP provides rotary with an opportunity to further one of their core goals of basic education and literacy. It also supports a program that is making a difference here in Chautauqua County.