Cuomo Seizes Political Advantage

To the Readers’ Forum:

Exploiting a calamity to seize a political advantage, Governor Cuomo’s madcap move to whittle away rights steps on the toes of the infringed. Gun control is not about reducing crime but controlling innocent people. Assemblyman Ortiz’s bill (A 3908) to require all gun owners to buy a million dollar insurance policy is not aimed at criminals, but law-abiding gun owners. Who but overbearing politicians would make you buy insurance for freely exercising your Second Amendment right? He’s not the only one requiring payment. Though nothing in the Constitution empowers government to make you purchase anything, Obamacare forces you to buy insurance. However, the insurance mandate really isn’t about looking after your health as it is government controlling your health.

As much as they gouge your paycheck, property taxes aren’t so much about money for government as they’re about control by government. You risk the loss of the property you own if you don’t pay what the government requires in taxes. Do you really own your property if government has that much control over what you own?

Gun control, Obamacare, and property taxes all connect to the agenda of control by an ever-growing government. That includes marriage. Saying it’s about equality when it’s really about control, the Obama administration is putting pressure on the Supreme Court to overturn the will of the voters in California. Even more than rudely attempting to wrest control from the voters, the egotistical action foolishly challenges the authority of God. That’s how out of control government becomes in its insatiable quest for control. Throw off the restraint of the Constitution and government jumps on the opportunity to control people, contemptuously infringing on God-given rights and arrogantly redefining Godordained institutions.

It trickles down locally. Giving God the cold shoulder, county legislator Tim Hoyer, ironically a minister, wants to do away with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance at the legislative meetings. It’s not surprising that he votes for having government retain control over the county home and votes against our county’s resolution for the repeal of the NY SAFE Act.

Godless, unconstitutional and interventionist government treads on places it doesn’t belong. James Madison said, “I believe there are more instances of abridgement of freedom by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by sudden and violent usurpations” The robust 2nd Amendment rallies in Albany and Frewsburg sent a message that government has crept too far.

The Rev. Mel McGinnis