Engdahl Receives Master’s Degree

Michael Engdahl, JD, MS, CFP, of West Ellicott recently received his Master of Science personal financial planning degree and presented at a national law conference.

Engdahl is an associate professor of financial services and business law at Edinboro University (Pa.), a “fee-only” certified financial practitioner and an attorney, who represents investors in their disputes with brokerage firms and the financial services industry. His private practice is located in West Ellicott.

Engdahl received his Master of Science from The College for Financial Planning. In order to receive the accredited degree, he received graduate credit for completing 13 courses, including investment planning, portfolio management for personal financial planners, income tax planning, retirement planning and employee benefits, insurance, estate planning and estate planning for retirement benefits. Engdahl also holds a juris doctor degree from the University at Buffalo Law School.

In addition, Engdahl also presented at the 2012 PIABA annual meeting in Austin, Texas. PIABA is an international bar association whose members represent investors in disputes with the security industry.

Engdahl’s presentation was titled “Using Monte Carlo Models in Securities Arbitration Proceedings.” During the presentation, he described why Monte Carlo models, which are statistical tools that examine the potential performance of investments under many different scenarios, have become popular with financial advisers and expert witnesses in securities arbitration proceedings. Engdahl’s presentation was designed to assist securities legal practitioners with an understanding of how Monte Carlo Models work and the advantages and limitations of the models.