Digitell Receives OK To Deliver Online Seminars, Lectures

A Jamestown company is the first to receive the stamp of approval for delivering online live streaming educational seminars and lectures.

Digitell Inc., which is located on the third floor of the Furniture Mart Building, 111 W. Second St., provides a variety of web-based services, including live broadcasting, webinar services, conference services and 3-D virtual services. The business is the first to be verified under a new digital event solution provider program by the Virtual Edge Institute.

The Virtual Edge Institute, which is an international organization dedicated to advancing the development of virtual event and meeting technology, assesses a vendor’s technology and capabilities. This way the institute verifies a business’s digital event readiness. As part of the process, it gauges customer satisfaction and success by interviewing at least three customers who have produced a virtual event using the company’s technology and services.

”The problem we’re seeing in the industry is that too many vendors are claiming they can produce digital event extensions, and they can’t,” said Michael Doyle, Virtual Edge Institute executive director. “The danger is that one bad experience makes planners skeptical of the benefits of digital events. We want to help planners break through the confusion and hire knowledgeable partners. The verified digital event solution provider program is the answer.”

Companies that complete the program successfully receive a verification logo that can be placed on a company’s website and marketing materials, indicating to clients the business is a ”customer verified” digital event vendor.

Jim Parker, Digitell Inc. president and chief executive officer, said his business first started doing online live event streaming in 2009, but has been working on the technology for seven years.

”Right now we’re leading the charge of Internet broadcasting. It is growing like mad,” he said. ”Internet broadcasting is the next frontier for mass media distribution.”

Parker said the company is starting a new type of live streaming seminars called Syndicast. The service will live stream a broadcast to multiple websites and industry portals to reach more people.

”We’re pioneering this service. No one else is doing it,” he said. ”We’re taking one event and creating a hundred.”

Parker said Digitell is very excited to be the first to receive the verification from the Virtual Edge Institute.

”Digitell is excited to be the first verified vendor in the Virtual Edge Institute’s (digital event solution provider) program,” Parker said. “Based on the success our clients are having with their hybrid events, it’s clear that organizations need to be offering them. This program will provide a great platform that offers guidance and direction to help organizations move forward with reliable and experienced companies.”

For more information on Digitell, visit or call 800-679-3646.