Cuts To Meals On Wheels Are Outrageous

To the Readers’ Forum:

I hung my head in disbelief.

In our local Post-Journal paper, the headlines read ”Cuts Could Impact Program.” This means 40 seniors will be losing their meals on wheels as of April 1.

Many counties are affected. I was in complete disbelief. This is totally outrageous. Seniors in Chautauqua County, plus many other counties around us, are being told to suffer more and more in regards to our economy. Most seniors can hardly pay for their groceries and medicines.

We’re starting our second term in the White House, where conditions are worse than ever. We get lots of promises but instead of moving forward, we are backing up. Why are people who are supposed to run our government not getting it? It’s called egos and we, the people, are hurting.

The elderly, some are sickly, are not respected.

Remember, the elderly have dreams also. But what now?

I could go on …

Clair O’Neil