Editor’s Note

You might’ve noticed some distracted employees at work late this week.

Studies have shown that work productivity takes a nosedive during the NCAA tournament, which started this week. But, other studies have come out saying that the tournament doesn’t affect the workplace much at all. Like pretty much everything else in life, it comes down to which study you choose to believe.

Whether the boss is in on them or not, there are, without a doubt, many offices in the area with their own NCAA tournament pools going on right now.

I filled out a bracket for fun in hopes of besting my girlfriend, family and friends. My college buddies and I did the same thing at St. Bonaventure. It’s fun, and it makes the games more exciting to watch – even if my friends prove they know much more about college basketball than I do.

When the tournament is over, even if they beat me, I don’t have to borrow money from my parents or sell my car to make my student loan payments. I haven’t lost anything, and I move on with my life. Aside from having to eat a little crow if Louisville gets eliminated early, I’ll be just fine.

As I’m writing this, games are taking place, and in all likelihood my bracket is getting destroyed. I’m not watching the games because I probably wouldn’t get any work done, and eventually, I would like to go home. Then, I’ll watch some games and catch up on what I missed.

Those who have dropped some serious money on the tournament, however, are probably keeping a pretty close eye on the games. Personally, I believe the tournament is definitely a challenge for some employers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some burned dinners the last couple of days as cooks followed the basketball action on their iPhones. There were probably some missed deadlines in offices or other half-hearted workplace activities.

Fortunately, the tournament will soon be over, and employees will find themselves looking for something else to distract them.