History Center Receives Shelving From Library

Two local non-profit organizations cooperated recently to remove unneeded shelving from one and install it at the other to equip space for a new purpose.

The Fenton History Center recently acquired shelving for its Hall House Research Center, thanks to a donation from Prendergast Library.

The idea came up last fall during local agency presentations to Jamestown City Council prior to approval of the 2013 city budget. After Joni Blackman, Fenton History Center director, mentioned that she needed money for shelving, Tina Scott, Prendergast Library acting director, said the library had extra shelving the Fenton could have, pending approval by library trustees.

Once the library board approved, Fenton representatives arranged to pick up the shelving and take it to its new home.

“This move has been much easier than I expected. The library staff has been wonderful – first to donate the shelves for the new Hall House Research Center and then to help move them to the building. A great group of volunteers came forward to install the shelving, move the books and materials from the Fenton Mansion, and help set up the storage rooms. The Fenton staff and Board of Trustees are very thankful for the donation of shelving and time,” Ms. Blackman said.

“We got rid of some extra shelving, and the Fenton History Center got the shelving it needed for its new Research Center. It was a win-win,” Ms. Scott said.