Rifle Club

Led by Todd Hanson’s 395, the Jamestown Rifle Club handed perennial powerhouse Whitehall its first loss since 2008, 1,570-1,566, in the eighth week of the VT Winter Postal League.

David Allen delivered a 393, Jen Canfield a 392 and Jim Schmitt Jr. a 390 as Jamestown took over first place for the first time this season.

Junior shooter Andre Delcalzo added a 382 toward the winning cause.

The Plattsburgh Rough Riders finished third with a 1,558 total, Hartford fourth with a 1,545, Capital City fifth with a 1,469, the Sharpshooters sixth with a 1,415, the Junior Rough Riders seventh with a 1,412 and the Aces eighth with a 1,403.

St. Lawrence shot 1,401 to finish ninth followed by Northfield with 1,127, Burlington with 771, Hudson Falls with 760 and the Marksmen with 572.