The Resource Center’s Easter Egg Hunt Features Original Paintings As Prizes

The Resource Center is conducting a different kind of Easter egg hunt, and the prizes will be paintings created by artists with disabilities.

TRC’s Day Habilitation Program on Fluvanna Avenue in Jamestown is organizing the Easter egg hunt. The program is selling plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. Three of the eggs will have a picture of a bunny inside. The bunnies will be numbered 1, 2 and 3. The person who gets bunny No. 1 will have first choice among the prizes for the Easter Egg Hunt – three paintings created by artists at Fluvanna. The person who gets bunny No. 2 will have second choice of the paintings, and the person who gets bunny No. 3 will receive the remaining painting.

The paintings were made by people with developmental disabilities in TRC’s “Creations” art program. The winners will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with the artists.

The cost is one egg for $1, six eggs for $5 and 13 eggs for $10. The eggs will be available for pickup Wednesday, March 27.

For more information or to order your eggs, contact Mary Ford at 661-1016.

The Resource Center has been supporting Chautauqua County residents with disabilities and their families since 1958. Proceeds from this fund-raiser will be used to pay for daytime activities for people with developmental disabilities.