No Cause Found For Natural Gas Odor In Frewsburg

FREWSBURG – No leaks were found Thursday after dozens of residents reported smelling natural gas in Frewsburg.

According to a National Fuel worker, the company at one point received more than 100 calls from residents inquiring about the smell. The rotten egg smell is part of a chemical placed into the odorless gas to detect leaks.

A half-dozen National Fuel trucks were observed around the Pearl Street area in Frewsburg. However, no source of the odor was located.

“I can tell you at this time there is no natural gas emergency,” National Fuel spokeswoman Karen Merkel said Thursday afternoon. “There are currently no gas-leak readings being taken.”

Merkel could not provide what caused the odor or how many residents had called. She stressed no leaks were found in the company’s search.

“It would be premature to guess what caused this,” she said.

No further information was available.