‘Gay’ Debate Is Damaging To Boy Scouts

To The Reader’s Forum:

I’m an Eagle Scout. I’m also a Scoutmaster. I’ve also remained silent for too long. Issue number one “gays in Scouts” first off don’t make this about the kids. If they are coming out of the closet at 11 years old then they have been programed. They are too young to decide what their sexual orientation is or lack the experience to base a decision. This is about adults. Regarding that, I have many friends that are homosexuals and I don’t care. Just like they don’t care that I am not. However I also think that, choice or not, our ways of life effect our opportunities. Should I be allowed to be a Girl Scout Leader? Why not? I have a lot to offer them. Would Parents of impressionable young girls feel comfortable sending me away with their daughter for the weekend? I would doubt that they would. Yes it’s creepy. The same unease would occur if there were an openly “gay” Scoutmaster. Does being “gay” make you a pedophile? Absolutely not, no more than me being a Girl Scout leader would make me a pedophile. This current demand to allow “gay” Scout leaders will not suddenly open up a flood of 11 year olds to come out of the closet. It will cause many concerned parents to pull their son’s out of Scouts when a Gay Scout leader is forced upon them. Damage Boy Scouts? Yes this will, without question. Many churches have already said they will drop Boy Scouts and endorse a similar program based on Scouts. Is it fair? No, neither are many things in life. Have the Boy Scouts suffered bad publicity in the past? Yes, Scouts have been molested by male leaders attracted to male boys. Don’t destroy a program that has done so much for so many. If you want to develop a Boy Scout TYPE program with “gay” leaders and “gay” participants I think that would be excellent. The service you could provide them would be fantastic. You could help them understand that they are not alone, possibly how to deal with the trials they will face. Don’t destroy an American institution to prove a point. Champion your cause and create something similar, or new and better.

This is solely my opinion. I take full responsibility for what I’ve said no matter the repercussions. Too many have remained silent on this and many topics to long.

Ted Toy