Those Who Govern Cannot Be Trusted

To the Readers’ Forum:

“Aaron Seekins II, a farmer by trade left his farm and family and enlisted in Captain Levi Rounsewell’s company of minutemen, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 serving for three days. He returned to his farm. He enlisted again May 5, 1775; he served for three months and four days. He was reportedly taken prisoner by the British and died in their captivity.” Main Seekins genealogy by Brenda Seekins.

Of what significance is this bit of history of one man? The significance is that he and so many others woke up one day and decided to fight for an idea, that idea later became known as the American experiment. How would it have been if King George had made laws to remove all guns from this new territory? It sure would have changed the outcome of that day and the days that followed. These men and those who wrote our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights knew that citizens of any country must never trust a body of men who make up a government. That such people would be open to greed for power and control of them and greed for all and anything owned. The second Amendment had a duel purpose. That purpose was to always have an armed citizenry in case there was a need to call up a militia to defend our country and secondly armed citizens would always keep said government, (body of those who govern) at bay.

Neither progressives that belong to all political parties or the Obama administration are interested in the safety of the citizens. Their main interest is to provide a pretence of equality, a pretence of safety, and a pretence of caring. Keep your guns Americans, for those who govern can never be trusted.

Audrey Shelgren