Heather Gould Rolls 720 At JBC

Heather Gould was the top shooter Monday night as she blasted a 257-236-227-720 for the JBC Pro Shop to lead the action in the JBC Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner Ladies Classic League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Gould’s teammate, Debbie Williams, drilled a 269-214-668, Donna Clark delivered a 254-202-620 for Catering Plus, JoAnn Brown fired a 213-212-606 for Tupperware Home Parties, Jenna Hooper just missed the 600 mark with 204-596 for Yesterday’s Treasures, Beth Sacilowski rolled a 257-586 for Chautauqua Landscape & Deck and Lyn McIntyre tossed a 577 for the 5th Wheel.

In the Jeremy’s Bel-View League at JBC, Howie McIntyre Sr. rolled a 257-230-225-712 for Bel-View and Devin Kennedy had a 265-684 for Goodtime Saloon.

In single games, Scott Nelson rolled a 253 at Frewsburg Lanes.

Pat Martin recorded a 132-142-152 stepladder at JBC,

Jamestown Bowling Company: JBC Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner Ladies Classic League – Sheila Whitford 203-568, Christy Cuifalo 223-565, Dana Stanton 222-560, Grace Wheeler 214-546, Ronnie McClaran 201-542, Leda Peterson 531, Theresa Jackson 527, Lori Lassen 521, Mary Gayton 215-509, Sue Bero 505, Pat Weeks 208-494, Cindy Johnston 487, Jody Lawson 213-486, Oleta Hannon 203-486, Ann Knepshield 204-482.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League – Ron Lyon 232-648, Bob Sager 625, Jim Glace 235-222-614, Bob Kaverman 89, Steve Ryberg 575.

Chris Sieber Memorial League – Debbie Latona 500, Laurie Gorgan 493, Kim Vazquez 201-485, Ginny Johnson 480.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League – Scott Nelson 671, Russ Payne 626, Troy Beightol 236-623, Matt Delong 233-614, Mike Norton 603, Clayt Willsie 584, Bill Pownall 582, Kevin Carlson 580.