Boy Scouts Bullied By Gay Activists

To the Readers’ Forum:

The Boy Scouts of America chose to uphold traditional Christian moral values and they are facing criticism for doing so. A local scoutmaster refuses to award an openly gay teen scout the Eagle Award and is being bullied by gay activists to do so in violation of scouting regulations.

Now why can’t gay activists just leave the Boy Scouts alone? Why must everyone think like they do? Because it’s really not just about civil rights, it’s about forcing everyone to accept the gay agenda and lifestyle. Gay marriage was never really all about gay people living and loving one another. It was really about forcing everyone into accepting their new and perverted definition of marriage. It was always about transforming society into their twisted values. The gay rights movement won’t be satisfied until everyone not only accepts their immoral lifestyle, but also affirms it.

But this is exactly why the Boy Scouts and other private and religious groups shouldn’t give into these gay activist bullies. We shouldn’t be forced to affirm false values we don’t hold. For example, the Boy Scouts have repeatedly stated that homosexuality is incompatible with their definition of character building for boys; this is their conviction. Should they be forced to contradict their moral convictions to satisfy the political values of gay activists? No! Neither should churches be bullied by these same activists to affirm values that contradict the basic moral teachings of Christianity and the Bible. Isn’t it ironic that the same gay activists that will cry out against bullying in one context are engaged in the very same practice only in a different context?

Let’s let the Boy Scouts be the Boy Scouts. Gay rights activists have overstepped their boundaries on this issue.

Pastor Jeff Short