Audubon Unveils New Pollination Exhibit

A new pollination exhibit at the Jamestown Audubon Center and Sanctuary is expected to draws hundreds of children in the spring.

The new exhibit opened Sunday, and is being supported by the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and the Buffalo law firm Walsh, Roberts and Grace.

Jeff Tome, exhibit coordinator and senior naturalist, said the interactive exhibit will become a staple at the Audubon Society for more than five years.

Students are expected to visit the site through the spring.

“This has really been in the works for 12 years,” Tome said.

“We started asking kids and adults about pollination. We went into the classrooms and asked a lot of questions,” he added. “Everything that we came up with and built here was done by volunteers. Our goal is to educate through a great exhibit about the world of pollination and how important it is.”

Tome noted the misconceptions of bees, a vital component in the pollinating world.

He said one-third of the world’s food supply and most clothing can be attributed to pollination in form or another.

“We want to change the way people look at bees,” he said. “Our goal is to teach so people just don’t reach for a can of spray.”

For more information on the exhibit, call 569-2345 or visit