JCC On Display

Faculty and staff at Jamestown Community College pulled out all the stops for their prospective future students.

On Saturday, the college’s Jamestown campus hosted its annual “Explore JCC!” open house, complete with an information fair, various presentations and guided campus tours.

Approximately 350 prospects came to take in the sights and abundant knowledge offered by the information fair. Several booths lined the perimeter of the Hamilton Collegiate Center’s student union, providing visitors with a firsthand account of the services provided by the college’s various departments.

According to Jade Barber, associate director of student recruitment, the college’s annual open house is open to anyone who might be interested in attending JCC.

“A lot of high school students do tend to come here (to the open house),” said Barber. “But it could be for somebody who is interested in coming back to college, or somebody who is interested in getting some additional training. Really, this is just an opportunity for students to come here and have a one-stop experience. They kind of get an in-depth look at (the college) that’s a little bit more than what they might see on the surface if they were to just come to JCC and walk around by themselves.”

She added: “Choosing a college is a big decision for the students and their families. You’re making a huge financial commitment, and you’re making a commitment about your future and what you want to do. Here at JCC, this is a great place to kind of introduce people to it and put their minds at ease. We hope that, if they’re here, they are considering us as a college, and we want to be their first choice.”

In conjunction with the fair, presentations of 20 minutes in length were given on several different topics. The topics included financial aid, internships, transferability, undecided students, the honors program and the study abroad program. The presentations were concluded with a student-to-student panel discussion.

Kate Ewer, a JCC sophomore and student ambassador, said that her own experience with a JCC open house, as a high school senior, helped sell her on the college.

“I did go to an open house, and it felt like home,” said Ewer, who graduated from Eisenhower High School and is attending JCC on a USA scholarship. “And after meeting with professors and talking with financial aid and the counseling center, it was great to realize that people are willing to work with you and wanted to share their information with you.”

Greg DeCinque, JCC president, said that he hopes the high turnout for the event is indicative of more students enrolling for the upcoming semester.

“It looks like a really great crowd,” DeCinque said. “This strikes me as one of the biggest crowds we’ve had in a while, and that might be a good omen for the fall. I think there are multiple factors (for student enrollment), but obviously the economy still drives people looking for a quality education at an affordable price – and we are that. And I think that the word is out that this is a pretty good place to be.”