Fiscal Cliff 2 (The Sequel)

To the Readers’ Forum:

Well, here we go again with another episode of fiscal cliff drama and the threats from the administration that the elderly on Social Security and the members of our armed forces won’t get paid if the GOP won’t give in to his demands of no spending cuts (or very little) and more taxes (if that makes any sense).

Social Security is a separate entity from what bureaucrats dip into for their interests and sense millions of people pay into it on a weekly basis, there had better be money in there to pay the checks or someone needs to be investigated. As for the armed services, that is the government’s only true responsibility – to keep our country and it’s citizens safe.

If I make $50,000 a year and I spent $75,000 a year I would go bankrupt and probably would be faced with lawsuits and possible jail time. So why do our politicians think they have the right to rack up this astronomical debt and not be held accountable?

Every American citizen has a stake in this country and how it fares. So, Mr. President, if you want to raise taxes (we all know how you would like everyone to pay their fare share), raise them on the people that don’t pay any and please quit threatening our elderly and our military – it is very unprofessional.

As far as I am concerned if you don’t want to help get our fiscal house in order, I think the GOP should stand their ground and we should go off the cliff and possibly several more until our government is spending less than it is taking in. God Bless America.

Roy A. Powell