Significant Testimony To American Enterprise

To The Reader’s Forum:

Today, March 4, is the 80th anniversary of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s inauguration. My grandfather, Albert Neckers Jr., regretted this day for the rest of his life because almost immediately Roosevelt closed the banks. Investors, of which he was one, lost significantly. Ironically 80 years later I’m on the Board of the Jackson Center. What my grandfather doesn’t know can’t hurt him and I’m not sure that Jackson wasn’t the self-promoter my grandfather said he was.

But of this I’m sure. The Robert H. Jackson Center is a magnificent testimony to American enterprise. Its programs would not only impress “noted law schools”, but more importantly research scholars in major universities. Some are starting to support Jackson Center activities now and that’s a real plus for the region.

Our hats are off to all that have contributed to this beacon of vibrance and excellence shining forth from your community.

Douglas C. Neckers

Perrysburg, Ohio