Editor’s Note

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend and look ahead to Easter, another annual celebration is just a couple of weeks away.

Yes, April Fools’ Day – Monday, April 1 – is just around the bend.

According to Wikipedia, many countries celebrate April Fools’ Day every April 1. It’s not a national holiday, but it’s recognized as a day of playing practical jokes, Wikipedia states, and has been around for centuries.

Last year, cbsnews.com published the “15 Best April Fools’ Day Hoaxes.” My favorites include the reported collapse of the Space Needle and the supposed creation of the left-handed Whopper, but there are some other interesting hoaxes as well. The article is worth a read if you’re online.

Of course, the day is actually quite silly and – depending on the prank – has the potential to cause harm. Media outlets certainly have to be careful with what they report. In most cases, media participation in April Fools’ Day should probably be left to Comedy Central and avoided by everyone else.

On a personal note, when I was in elementary school, my grandmother made a fool out of me. My brother and I woke up to a call from her. Before we had time to process what was going on, she had convinced us that school had been canceled due to a power outage.

In a brief moment of elation, we jumped around our bedroom, yelling in joy. Then, from the other end of the line, Grandma said, “April Fools.”

“Not funny, Grandma,” we replied.

As far as I know, I’ve never gotten her back for that. Grandma might want to watch out one of these April Fools’ Days. I haven’t forgotten.