VandeVelde Seeks Election As Mayor

Michael VandeVelde is running for mayor of Westfield. He has been nominated by the Westfield Democratic Party and the Westfield First Independent Party. VandeVelde has previously served the village as a trustee under Mayor Ron Catalano and the current mayor.

VandeVelde is a lifelong resident of Westfield, having lived in the village his entire life except for the years he was away in the military. Following time served in the U.S. Navy as a Poseidon missile technician, VandeVelde returned to Westfield to lead the construction crew for Dicar Pools and drove tractor-trailer for Worster Trucking during the winter. In 1980, he was hired at Fredonia State University where he worked for the next 30 years as a computer operator, coordinator of Admin User Services and, finally, as assistant director of Computing Services. VandeVelde served on numerous boards while at Fredonia including New York State’s Computer Center Advisory Board for 12 years.

VandeVelde feels Westfield is facing some important decisions. He says that with limited resources, the community needs leaders who can put money where it will do the most good. The only way to do that is by bringing people together and creating the kind of consensus we need.

VandeVelde vows to bring new energy and a healthy positive attitude to the mayor’s office. He pledges to grow the tax base, to grow the population and to grow jobs. VandeVelde says he will provide the village of Westfield with a strong vision, competent leadership and independent thinking based on his 30 years in state service, his local family roots and common sense.