McIntyre Smashes 278-785

Howie McIntyre Jr. led a group of 700 bowlers at Jamestown Bowling Company on Thursday night.

McIntyre spun a 259-248-278-785 for the top series in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Dan Gould decked a 235-279-258-772 for Snap Fitness and Ray Textor was next with a 235-243-266-744 for Belle View East in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles.

Also in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles, Chris Johnson tossed a 256-246-234-736 for Hiller Tire, and Mike Rylowicz a 279-236-734 and Mark Gould 228-247-256-631 for John C. Nelson Corporation.

Lyn McIntyre led the women by firing a 235-622 for Gametime in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Josh Volk uncorked a 257-246-696 for Empire Machinery, Joe Muzzy a 255-237-694 for Belle View East, Joe Foti a 224-255-693 for Southside Redemption, Justin VanArsdale a 245-234-691 for Gary’s CARSTAR, Randy Herron a 225-259-683 for Southern Tier Supply and Mike Jackson a 248-682 for Empire Machinery to complete the top scores in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles.

Jim Chapman shot a backward stepladder of 213-212-211-636 at JBC.

Sharon Utegg drilled a 208-180-535 in the Tuesday Morning Seniors League at Cutting Lanes.

Steve Swan hit a 279 and Dennis Brumagin a 255 at Cutting Lanes while Pat Walsh had a 257 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: A. M. Seniors League – Jim Suckow 223-575, Ed Freeman 222-561, Chuck Stohlberg 521, Al Woodard 507, Al Conklin 500.

Early Birds League – Pat Walsh 595, Dan Snow 208-565, Paul Holthouse 558, Roger Gustafson 200-539, Ken Davis 531, Roger Vine 211-523, Fran Walsh 495, Ruth Eggleston 206-485, Barb Conklin 463, Joyce Sanders 427, Hazel Britt 410, Gen Juul 400.

Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles – Bill Thompson 247-225-660, Wade Crabtree 238-652, Tom Sacilowski 226-641, John Williams Sr. 237-641, Tom Volpe 232-639, Matt Delong 225-639, Doug Rylowicz 229-635, Howie McIntyre Sr. 234-627, Jim Rissel 223-627, Bob Weeks 222-626, Alan Felmlee 243-615, Jim Elardo 604, Matt Erickson 604.

Schutt’s Arctic League – Russ Berkhous 247-649, Eric Truver 221-619, Jesse Anderson 233-615, Matt Erickson 543.

State Lanes: Abigail Kelley Seniors League – Nancy Wymer 454, Betty Puleo 423, Naomi Allen 419, Judy Parsons 418,. Mary Love 415, Donna Risner 412, Emory Holmquist 401, Fred Puleo 400, Josie Fonti 400, Irv Fisher 385.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men’s League – Chris Legters 596.

American League – Steve Swan 667, Adam Newhouse 233-233-646, Jeff Donor 224-226-628, Dale Willink 223-623, Cran Nyweide 224-222-610, Alton Wethli 229-591, Jason Swan 586, Dennis Brumagin 575.

A. M. Coffee League – Diana Raven 481.

A. M,. Seniors League – Denny Brumagin 546, Homer Humes 514, Roger Brightman 507.