Incongruity In Our Government?

To The Readers Forum:

I read with interest the February 28, Jamestown Post-Journal Associated Press report on Governor Cuomo exempting television and movie use of “assault-type” weapons. The governor makes the point that, in particular, New York City has been a Mecca for movie producers seeking authentic sets on which to stage their film shoots. My wife and I have seen the preparations for these films while in the city. They often cover several blocks, require massive amounts of film props, wiring, support vehicles, and yes, employees. The cost of staging these shoots is substantial and the impact to the New York City economy undoubtedly high. One could make a supporting case for exempting movie use of “assault-type” weapons from the new law, but if our economic well being is our measure of exemption, shouldn’t we consider the number of year-around, full-time manufacturing jobs that their elimination will jeopardize in New York? The carnage in human life that recent mass killings have affected is almost beyond imagination. I am a parent and cannot begin to comprehend the loss of child – especially in such a vile and thoughtless manner. That vileness and thoughtlessness is portrayed most graphically and heinously in the very movies that our governor now wants to support by his newest measure.

We, each of us, indoctrinate our youth by our actions – for good, or for evil. A gun, in and of itself is inert. I am not a psychologist but I would have to believe it conceivable that there could be more than a causal link between the glorification of individuals in movie or television shoot-outs and our most recent mass shootings. Should we rush to judgment and prohibit all movies portraying such actions? Unfortunately, the answer, for our governor would seem to become a measure of the “economic impact” of the movies to the city, the political influence of those involved in their making, and the potential impact on electability.

Governor Cuomo, if you are going to have the testicular fortitude to ban these weapons, violate our Second Amendment rights, and jeopardize hundreds of manufacturing jobs in New York State, have the guts to tell these right wing movie moguls NO.

Fletcher Ward

Bemus Point