Bullying And The Golden Rule

To The Reader’s Forum:

Do you remember the Golden Rule? Did you happen to see the “On The Road” segment on Sunday Morning (CBS) March 3? If not, you missed a good story.

It tells of a developmentally disabled basketball team manager by the name of Mitchell who is part of the El Paso, Texas, Coronado High School “Thunderbirds.” Mitchell was told by his coach to suit up for their final game of the season. Unbeknown to Mitchell, he would be playing the last minute and a half of the game. Despite the help of his team members, Mitchell was not able to score. With seconds remaining, the ball went out of bounds. During inbounding of the ball, a member on the opposite team, Jonathon, called to Mitchell and passed the ball to Mitchell for one last chance to score. Mitchell scored.

When asked why he passed the ball to his opponent, Johnathon replied, “I was brought up to treat others as I want to be treated, and I wanted to give Mitchell one last chance.”

Ah, yes, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” This statement needs to be posted in every home, every pre-school, every elementary, middle and high school and taught on a daily basis by parents and educators.

If you don’t like to be called names, don’t call other people names. If you don’t like to be pushed, don’t push others. If you don’t like to be laughed at, don’t laugh at others, and so it goes.

While bullies will always exist to some degree, and they can be children or adults, perhaps if we stepped back in time and tried to follow “the Golden Rule,” bullying could be much less of a problem than it has become in today’s society.

Carolyn Bills