Bemus Point Dentist Teaches Dental Health To Elementary Students

BEMUS POINT – Students at Bemus Point Elementary School took some time out of their day to learn about molar maintenance.

On Friday, Dr. Tracy Culver, of the Bemus Point Dental Center, paid a visit to the school in order to educate students on how to take care of their teeth. Culver’s visit was made in observance of National Children’s Dental Health month, which actually took place in February.

According to Culver, although she wasn’t able to coordinate a visit last month, the message is what’s important.

“(We want to) teach them on a general basis because they’re young, and it’s a good time to learn,” said Culver. “It’s hard to teach 16-year-olds how to take better care of their teeth, but when the kids are younger, that’s a good time to teach them.”

Culver and her assistant, Greta Buchanan, made their first stop in the classroom of Elizabeth DuBois, a kindergarten teacher. There, Culver and Buchanan spoke with students about proper brushing techniques and what types of foods to avoid. Culver recommended that the students visit the dentist twice per year, brush every morning and night for between one and two minutes, brush their cheeks and tongues in addition to their teeth and change out their toothbrushs every three months.

“(We focus on) the importance of their teeth, the importance of having them and taking care of them,” said Culver. “There’s probably a lot more we could teach them about, but at this age, watching what they eat and brushing are the basics. So, it’s a good starting point.”

According to DuBois, she was more than willing to volunteer her class for the first visit that a dentist has made to the school.

“(Culver and Buchanan) contacted the school nurse, and she sent an email out to the teachers asking if we were interested in having them come in,” said DuBois. “And we definitely were. We haven’t ever had a dentist contact the school before. The only time we’ve really been able to do that in the past was if a child in the class had a parent that was a dentist. So it was really nice of them to be able to do this for us.”

Culver said that she intends to make annual visits to the school in the future during children’s dental health month.