Woman Allegedly Bites Officer

A Jamestown woman is being held by city police after allegedly biting an officer and causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage to a patrol vehicle and a garage door.

Mallory C. White was charged with second-degree assault after police said she bit an officer while being booked at police headquarters. The officer, who was not identified, was treated and released at WCA Hospital. No further information on the assault was made available.

“The officer is going to be fine,” said Capt. Robert Samuelson of the Jamestown Police Department. “The officer was taken to the hospital and is out.”

He added, “The fact that someone was bitten is very serious. This is the sort of situation where you have to take it seriously. Something can be transmitted when this sort of thing happens.”

White, 20, had been taken into custody around 7:30 a.m. Monday for causing more than $250 worth of damage to a garage door at 614 E. Second St.

While being transported to City Jail, police said White became unruly and purposely damaged the rear door of the patrol car. Samuelson said the vehicle sustained almost $700 worth of damage from the incident. Restitution will be sought, he said.

Samuelson noted that city patrol vehicles have been retrofitted with a shield and cage to protect backseat windows. He said White was able to kick the shield, bending the door and causing significant damage.

It was inside the jail when White again became unruly and bit the officer, Samuelson said.

In addition to the assault charge, White was charged with third-degree criminal mischief for damaging the garage door. She was being held pending arraignment.