SWCS Senior Aims High In Math, Science

An aptitude for numbers and a passion for problem solving are two characteristics that have distinguished Blake Peterson.

A senior at Southwestern High School, Blake has been recognized for his academic achievements, particularly in math. According to Blake, his innate ability to work with numbers has given him an interest in the subject.

“My favorite subject is definitely math,” he said. “It really comes easily to me. I’ve never really had to work too hard in math, and I just really enjoy using numbers to figure out problems.”

While he currently has no career in mind, Blake knows that he will be attending Jamestown Community College on a USA Scholarship. For his first two years as a college student, Blake plans to pursue a liberal arts degree in math and science. Beyond that, Blake says that he is mapping out his future one step at a time.

“I’m not sure where I’ll go (after JCC),” he said. “I’m just trying to keep my options open, (and see) whatever comes up from there.”

Blake has given himself a headstart on his college career, having taken advantage of several advanced placement courses offered at Southwestern. According to Robin Kayner, Blake’s guidance counselor, Blake is projected to have 21 college credits, which he will have earned from seven AP classes, by the time he graduates high school.

Currently, he is enrolled in several upper-level courses, including: AP calculus, AP physics, AP government and economics, and AP photography. He has already received college credit for taking AP biology and AP U.S. history.

As for extracurriculars, Blake has been a member of the school’s varsity soccer team for three years, and is currently playing saxophone in the pit orchestra for Southwestern’s musical. According to Blake, he is also a co-president of the concert band council.

“Basically, we help get things ready for the concerts,” he said. “And we help out Mrs. Sigler, who is the band director, with whatever she might need.”

According to Kayner, Blake was recommended for this feature by several of his teachers.

“I simply asked (high school teachers) for names, but I gave them a little bit of criteria,” she said. “(I asked for) somebody that would make a positive difference at Southwestern, somebody that was friendly and somebody that excels academically. Blake fits all of those (categories). He’s very well rounded, genuine and sincere, so people came forth and recognized him for that by nominating him.”

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