Southwestern Middle School Celebrates Youth Art Month

Did you know that March is National Youth Art Month? It has been celebrated for more than 50 years and aims to show how important learning about and creating art is for youth of all ages. The arts promote individuality, boost self-confidence and improve overall academic performance.

Additionally, participating in art can help you to learn and live better. The arts teach children that there are many solutions to the same problem and there are many ways to interpret what you see in the world. This kind of higher-level thinking promotes successful learning.

In honor of Youth Art Month, Southwestern Middle School is participating in their fifth-annual Youth Art Month Celebration.

Everyday during the month of March there is an inspirational quote by a famous visual artist read over the morning announcements. Additionally, students from all grades have the opportunity to participate in the Youth Art Month Challenge. Students will have to color reproductions of famous artworks. Once completed, the students will receive a set of clues and must then use creative problem solving and research to figure out the artist and the title of the piece. Any homeroom that successfully completes one sheet per student will be entered in a drawing for an ice cream party. This contest is meant to inspire team building, art production and creative problem solving.

Besides this, select middle school students from Renee Mitchener’s art classes have been included in the K-12th grade art exhibit at the Lakewood Memorial Library for the entire month of March. Student work from Amanda Laurin’s elementary art classes and Mark Kirsch and Jenny Brown’s high school art classes will also be on display in this exhibit.

Finally, the Chautauqua County Teachers Exhibit at the James Prendergast Library in Jamestown is set to begin March 22. Area residents are welcome to come out and see what these educators have created.

If you’re looking for other ways to celebrate the arts, check out another local art gallery, read a book about an artist, watch a documentary or get out there an make something. Find a way to get involved in the arts and join SWCS in celebrating something as wonderful as Youth Art Month.