Children’s Home Residents Enjoy Winter Camping

ALLEGANY – More than 25 children from the Randolph Home for Children were part of a three-day winter camping experience recently.

The trip was designed to provide the children, who come from difficult and disadvantaged backgrounds, with an alternative recreation experience through a unique camping adventure that has been specially designed for therapeutic recreation and to give the children an opportunity to experience something that they have never experienced. New Directions, which operates the Randolph facility, had not offered this winter camping trip for the children since 2009 due to the lack of suitable lodging options.

Children visited Allegany State Park and had the chance to cross country ski and snowshoe while participating in team building exercises. Activities were designed to improve their teamwork and cooperation, improve self-confidence, create positive life memories, introduce winter snow sports, encourage healthful leisure activities, teach leadership skills, build self-esteem, promote positive peer interactions, and experience appropriate guided fun and play.