Parents No Longer Teach Their Children What’s Right

To The Reader’s Forum:

Picture the scene, you walk out your front door to a small set or sometimes multiple sets of footprints in your yard. Cute right? Perhaps a child, caught up in the joy of winter, runs through freshly fallen snow blazing a trail and enjoying the winter experience. Now picture the same scene with the same footprints leading to a lawn ornament, inadvertently left out for the winter, smashed on the sidewalk. Still cute?

When I was a child, my parents taught me to stay out of neighbors’ yards and to respect thier property and all on it. If I inadvertently broke a window or perhaps a lawn ornament, they would make restitution. This was a value I most appreciate that was passed to me by my parents. Should I be upset at the loss of the lawn ornament which has been in the family for years … no. Am I upset at the child who did this simple act … no. Where I am upset is the lack of respect for others property which starts with parents teaching thier children this basic value which is a cornerstone to ones life.

Parents … please teach your children well.

Karl Eckberg