Lights, Camera, Action

BEMUS POINT – Area residents were treated to an evening of song, dance and comedy during Bemus Point Elementary School’s annual talent show Friday.

Each year, the kindergartners through sixth-graders of Bemus Point Elementary School put together a show to entertain their parents and members of the community. This year’s celebration, called “Over The Moon,” featured 34 acts and more than 60 students.

According to Karen Suber, director, the event is a great community experience that gives the kids an opportunity to be onstage.

“It’s a no-audition talent show that we open to all the students of the elementary school,” said Suber, owner of Yellow House Music. “That’s a really special thing because they get to feel included in the event, regardless of their abilities, and they get to showcase the best that they could be. It’s a real community effort.”

The show was hosted in Bemus Point Elementary School’s gymnasium, which had its walls decorated with posters made by the students. The evening began with a dance that involved all the students in talent show, which drew cheers and applause from the packed gymnasium. The show was split into two 17-act segments, with an intermission in-between.

Every one of the students had much to offer and brought their best as their peers cheered and waved their arms in support. I was quite impressed by several performances, including “Call Me Maybe” by Lucy Kohl, Londyn Pigman, Scottlyn Pigman, Maddie Price and Molly Sanders. “Sisters” by Meicola Seagren and Sunnhi Suber was equally as good. Will Schlemmer, who donned a green outfit, afro and an Irish-style tophat cracked me and everyone else up with his “Comedy Central” act. Pianst Hope Marshall’s “Tarantella” was quite inspired. Madison March, who took on “The Climb” won her peers cheers. And, Aaron Jung, who closed the first act with his “Gangnam Style” dance moves, had the entire audience roaring.

There wasn’t a dull moment throughout the evening as in between many of the acts was a short scene by Inspector Clouseau and Pink Panther, played by R. Suber and S. Bronner.

Light and sound for the evening was provided by Advanced Production Group’s Chuck Antolina, a 30-year audio and video professional, whose daughter is a kindergartner at Bemus Point Elementary School. In addition to providing high-quality light and sound, Antolina had several students work with him during the event.

“One of the biggest reasons I’m excited about this is because the children are going to get exposed to stagecraft and Karen Suber has done a wonderful job of teaching the students the things that they need to know on a beginner basis to begin understanding the process of performing,” said Antolina. “I also have some students assisting me, which I am enjoying because they are very nice young men, and it is a really great experience for them as well.”

The students who worked with Antolina include James Mason Gowan, 6th grade, and Caleb Foley, 5th grade. Caleb said the experience was a lot of fun and that he learned a lot.

“I think this is awesome,” said James. “It’s fun to just hang out with the guys and help out. I learned that Chuck is very smart, knows exactly what he is doing and he’s got some really cool equipment. Tonight I worked backstage, did sound and now I’m working on doing lighting.”

The evening, which was sponsored by the PTA, concluded with all of the performers joining onstage for closing ceremonies and participation awards.

Other participants included: Emily Crandall, Jonah Foley, Allona Bearfield, Annaliese Destro, Lizzy Quadt, Hannah Tarbrake, Eliza Dawes, Jack Bless, Holly Bless, Emma Foley, Ava Crist, Carling Lockwood, Allie Kohl, Taylor Bower, Courtney Martin, Ryann Hayes, Jessica Wozniak, Alex Daniels, Emma Fox, Rachel Ekstrom, Megan Fischer, Alex Parker, Kelsey Tarbrake, Jenna Hayes, Kristopher Bajdo, Sarah Quadt, Makayla Green, Sarah Berg, Jenna Hayes, Courtney Jung, Madigan Howard, Chloe Kibbe, Leah Akl, Cheyenne Joslyn, Karlee Galloway, Madigan Howard, Kaylin Hairston, Julian Hairston, Chloe Kibbe, Zachary Hendrick, and the sixth grade dancers.