Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

A good year for Jenn Suhr recently got a little better. Thumbs up to the Fredonia native for setting a world indoor record height of 15 feet, 7 inches in the pole vault recently at the USA Indoor Track and Field Championship in New Mexico. Suhr’s athletic career at Fredonia established that she was a gifted athlete. Her success on the world athletic stage has established she is willing to put in the work and training to maximize her potential. Jenn Suhr is a shining example of what hard work can do for all the high school athletes in our region.

Thumbs down to another overreach by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City. Earlier this week, Bloomberg announced plans for a social media campaign to warn young people about the dangers of listening to loud music through their headphones. So far, the New York City Health Department has raised $70,000 for the campaign. We understand loud headphones aren’t good for one’s hearing, just like we understand drinking too many sugary drinks aren’t great for the body. One would think, though, there is a better use of $70,000 at a time when most departments are crying poverty. Surely, there must be an actual public health issue in New York City that could use the money.

It’s unfortunate there won’t be a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the accompanying turning of the Chadakoin River green, this year in downtown Jamestown. Thumbs up, though, to a nonprofit agency trying its best to live within its means. As dollars get tighter and tighter, foundations and boards of directors of all area nonprofit agencies have to find ways to get the most for their money. Events and programs that can’t sustain themselves will eventually fall by the wayside – which is what happened to the St. Patrick’s Day event. The DJDC, and later the JRC, boards decided the money had better uses improving downtown. That’s a decision we can respect.