Ellicott Councilman Looking For New Way To Serve

ELLICOTT – Timothy H. Wright has been serving the people as a law enforcement officer for more than 25 years.

Earlier this year, he took a new post in his continuing efforts to serve the community.

In January, Wright was appointed to the position of Ward 3 councilman for the town of Ellicott. The Ward 3 seat was vacant after Lucian Lodestro resigned from the board in November after 15 years of service. Lodestro resigned because he moved out of Ellicott.

Wright, who worked 25 years for the Jamestown Police Department, has been the chief for the town of Carroll Police Department since July.

”As a part-time chief, it allows me an opportunity to be a councilman,” he said. ”The opportunity presented itself, and I wanted to take a different look in the ways to work for the people. I was offered the opportunity to further serve the people of Ellicott. I though I would give it a shot.”

Wright said he is enjoying his new role, and wants to continue to do good for the community.

”If I can help provide an objective look at the questions and issues that arise … and have a positive impact upon the town,” he said. ”I know with the fiscal restraints people face that we have to do more with less. It is very hard all the way across-the-board. Taxes take a bite out of everything.”

Wright’s appointment finishes at the end of the year. If he wants to continue as councilman, he will have to run for the position in the fall. That is a decision Wright hasn’t made yet.

”I’m sure as the time comes closer I will have to make a decision,” he said. ”I’m in the Army Reserves, and I’m pretty busy with that. I have a very active family. I’ll see what comes at the end of the year.”

Wright lives along Willard Street Extension with his wife, Christine, and has three children: 18-year-old Brittany, 16-year-old Mackenzie and 12-year-old Timothy.

Cecil Miller III, town supervisor, said the town received four applicants for the vacant Ward 3 council seat.

”It was good to see people wanting to be involved. A lot of times you have trouble finding competition for races,” he said. ”I appreciate the people’s interest. I’m sure all would have been great council.”

Miller said the board selected Wright because he brings ”a lot to the table.”

”He is very committed to the community,” Miller said. ”He has a lot of leadership. He is the part-time chief for the town of Carroll Police Department. We feel he will mix in well with the other council members.”