Kurt VonKlist, Ralph Whitney and Jerry Vaergeson were three-game winners in the Chautauqua Lake Senior Horseshoes League on Tuesday.

VonKlist, a former Pennsylvania state champion, moved into first place with a record of 38.5 wins and 18.5 losses. He had games of 91 points with 28 ringers, 90 points with 27 ringers and 92 points with 26 ringers.

Whitney had games of 82 points with seven ringers, 73 and 70 points with three ringers in each game.

Vargeson managed games of 79 points and 77 points with a total of 10 ringers.

Larry Piazza, Mike Shannon and Topper Westerdahl were two-game winners.

Piazza had 88 points with 12 ringers and 82 points with nine ringers, Shannon 80 points with six ringers and 78 points with four ringers.

Westerdahl accounted for 79 and 77 points with a total of 17 ringers.

Tim Willett had 89 points with seven ringers, Art Mitchell 78 points with five ringers and Fred Clark 75 points with eight ringers.