Poland Supervisors Support Purchase Of Bucket Truck

With town of Poland Supervisor Kelly Snow out of town, the recent Town of Poland Board meeting was led by Kathy Stanton, acting supervisor. Several different items were on the agenda.

Under legal business, Larry Mee, highway superintendent, asked for a resolution from the board to enter into a municipal agreement with three other entities for the purchase of a used bucket truck. Highway department representatives for the town of Carroll, town of Ellicott, village of Falconer and town of Poland all went and examined the Freightliner, and felt it would be a good purchase for the four municipalities. Each would have a reduced cost, and Mee said the purchase cost would qualify for reimbursement under the state’s CHIPS program. Board members agreed that the purchase would be a sound idea. Town attorney Paul Webb would draw up the legal agreement, contingent upon the passage of similar resolutions by the other municipalities involved.

Stanton then asked Webb about the town’s position on the dog-control issues in a local trailer park. Webb again stated that since the park is private property, the town does not have to respond to nuisance complaints – that it is up to the park owner to set up rules for residents and their animals. Stanton stated that she wanted to be sure that the board was standing behind their dog control officer.

The new color printer has been purchased and received, and the rebate check from the state for purchase of Energy Star equipment has already been received as well.

Dennis Stornes noted that the Kennedy Free Library had run into a snag with the possible purchase of a local site for a new library. They hope to have the matter cleared up soon so they can make some definite decisions on the future direction of the library.

Councilman Terry Walker said that he has not planned a first meeting yet for planning for Memorial Day. He noted that it appears that a speaker has been lined up for the service. Roland Swanson said he was going to meet with the speaker to finalize plans. Walker said he would also contact him.

Stanton summarized a report from code officer Alan Gustafson. A notice of violation has been sent to one owner concerning continued safety issues on his property.

Dog control officer Brian King stated that the winter weather conditions have made it difficult for him to reach some areas to complete the dog enumeration. He stated that most of the work has been completed.

Audits of the various town departments were recently conducted. The reports have been received, and the books have been found in order. Board members voted to accept the audit reports.

Stanton said the town had received a letter from Chautauqua County concerning sponsoring a rabies clinic for town residents. The county would supply vaccines. The town would have to provide proof of liability insurance, and proof of a suitable site for the clinic. A veterinarian would have to be willing to provide their services for the clinic. Board members felt this would be a good service for town residents. King will contact other people to find out about the possibility and bring the information to the next meeting.

A resident has asked about the possibility of having a reduced speed zone on Route 394 near the town line at Waterboro. Mee stated that a request would have to be made in writing before anything could be formally taken to the state. The resident stated that people coming over the bridge heading east have too short a sight-line, and there have been some near-misses in the area.

Town clerk Barb Czerniak informed the board that a certificate of compliance has been received for the new electric service in the town hall. She also stated that the library contract had been signed.

Stanton asked board members to begin thinking about what should be the next project worked on in the building. Money has been set aside in the budget this year for work, so it just needs to be decided what to do next.

Mee said that his department has had several issues with equipment this snow season. They have basically been down to three trucks instead of four a lot of the time, which has created longer turn-around times for plow routes. Some issues have been covered under warranty, but others have created extra expenses for his department. He said there had been about three more feet of snow so far this year than last year at this time. More salt and sand had been purchased the last month, but were still under the minimum purchase requirement. With all the trucks back in service, he hoped to be able to remain within his budget.

The recreation committee report noted that conditions were excellent for the recent bus trip to Allegany State Park for a sledding trip. More than 20 residents had an enjoyable outing. A possible laser tag trip is being considered. Plans are well underway for the annual Easter egg hunt on March 30.

The next regular town of Poland Board meeting will be held on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the town hall. Supervisor Snow will be available at 5:30 p.m. to meet with residents about their concerns. The public is encouraged to attend.