Three JHS Bowlers Named To First Team

Jamestown had three all-stars on the Division 1 first team of the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Bowling League for 2012-2013.

Brandon Propheter and Eddie Merwick were on the boys first team and Morgan Melquist, who had the high game (251) and the high series (631) of the year, represented Jamestown on the girls first team.

Propheter and Merwick were on the boys first team with Justin Grimm of Gowanda, Taylor West of Southwestern and Alex Kubera of Dunkirk.

Propheter rolled the highest game (277) and Grimm the highest series (740).

Melquist and Amanda Stewart of Southwestern(164) were joined on the girls first team by Hannah Schur of Dunkirk, Malyssa Farley and Brittanee Stelley, both from Gowanda.

Fredonia won the boys team sportsmanship award and Falconer the girls.

West of Southwestern gained the boys sportsmanship award and Schur of Dunkirk the girls award.

On the Division 2 boys first team were John Nickerson and Andy Morello of Brocton, John Murphy and Brad Dillenburg of Forestville, and Tim Manning of Silver Creek.

Carl Cotroneo of Silver Creek shot the high game with a 259 and teammate Manning had the best series with a 656.

Clymer took the team sportsmanship award and Murphy won individual award.

The girls Division 2 first team had Emily Dillenburg and Sarah Rose Pleva of Forestville, Liz Golubski of Silver Creek, Bridgett Rogers of Frewsburg and Heather Sullivan of Chautauqua Lake.

Golubski achieved the high game (242) and the high series (683) for Silver Creek.

Frewsburg won the team sportsmanship award and Tyler Henderson of Randolph won the individual award.


First Team

Morgan Melquist Jamestown

Hannah Schnur Dunkirk

Malyssa Farley Gowanda

Brittanee Stelley Gowanda

Amanda Stewart Southwestern

Second Team

Andraya Vazquez Jamestown

Maitland Langworthy Fredonia

Gena Riddle Fredonia

Elizabeth Valvo Fredonia

Sapphire Dean Jamestown

Honorable Mention

Morgan Dispense Fredonia

Caitlyn Chase Dunkirk

Marionna Wiltsie Fredonia

Haley Zebraski Fredonia

Danielle Lesefske Gowanda

High Series

Morgan Melquist, Jamestown 631

Maitland Langworthy, Fredonia 596

Hannah Schnur, Dunkirk 591

Malyssa Farley, Gowanda 591

High Game

Morgan Melquist, Jamestown 251

Hannah Schnur, Dunkirk 233

Gena Riddle, Fredonia 218


First Team

Justin Grimm Gowanda

Taylor West Southwestern

Brandon Propheter Jamestown

Alex Kubera Dunkirk

Eddie Merwick Jamestown

Second Team

Peter Kubera Dunkirk

Trent Martin Gowanda

Chad Warner Jamestown

Jordan Schindler Gowanda

Collin Schanzlin Fredonia

Honorable Mention

Brady Manzella Dunkirk

Zachary Gabel Gowanda

Brandon Haase Dunkirk

Chris Edens Jamestown

Brett Worland Southwestern

High Series

Justin Grimm, Gowanda 740

Taylor West, Southwestern 677

Brandon Propheter, Jamestown 662

High Game

Brandon Propheter, Jamestown 277

Justin Grimm, Gowanda 269

Brett Worland, Southwestern 264


First Team

Liz Golubski Silver Creek

Emily Dillenburg Forestville

Sarah Rose Pleva Forestville

Bridgett Rogers Frewsburg

Heather Sullivan Chaut. Lake

Second Team

Tessa Gibbon Silver Creek

Emily Narraway Forestville

Tyler Henderson Randolph

Sam Nosbisch Forestville

Courtney Eberle Randolph

Honorable Mention

Katie Dittiger Silver Creek

Shelby Snow Frewsburg

Jenelle Ingalls Clymer

Jamie Hehir Silver Creek

Cienna Ribblett Randolph

High Series

Liz Golubski, Silver Creek 683

Emily Dillenburg, Forestville 620

Sarah Rose Pleva, Forestville 584

High Game

Liz Golubski, Silver Creek 242

Emily Dillenburg, Forestville 235

Sarah Rose Pleva, Forestville 233


First Team

John Murphy Forestville

Tim Manning Silver Creek

Brad Dillenburg Forestville

John Nickerson Brocton

Andy Morello Brocton

Second Team

Marcus Miller Randolph

Tyler Steklasa Silver Creek

Taylor Delcamp Brocton

Ryan Forbes Forestville

Steven Krystofiak Brocton

Honorable Mention

Elliot Martin Silver Creek

Patrick Bigelow Brocton

Dalton Taylor Randolph

Skyler Schapp Randolph

Carl Cotroneo Silver Creek

High Series

Tim Manning, Silver Creek 656

John Nickerson, Brocton 643

Brad Dillenburg, Forestville 639

High Game

Carl Cotroneo, Silver Creek 259

Brad Dillenburg, Forestville 256

John Murphy, Forestville 252

Tim Manning, Silver Creek 252