Gerry Planning Board Approves Firearm Sales Business

GERRY – The Gerry Planning Board has unanimously approved a special-use permit for a town resident to sell firearms.

On Tuesday, the Gerry Planning Board held a public hearing for Gary Swan Jr., who applied for a special-use permit to obtain a federal firearms license to conduct sales under the customary home occupation restrictions of the town’s zoning laws.

David Crossley, town building inspector, said Swan would be selling the firearms through an Internet business. Swan said he won’t have a storefront or signs on his property. Also, there will be no additional traffic coming and going from his home.

“I’ll sell over the Internet and at gun shows,” Swan said.

Swan said in the future he may open up a separate gun shop with a storefront, but not at this time. He said first he wants to receive a federal firearms license before thinking about that possibility. He told the Planning Board he will follow all the rules to do background checks for buyers. He said three weeks ago he was visited by an ATF agent who went over the gun-selling process with him.

Swan told the board when he sells a gun over the Internet he doesn’t send it directly to the buyer. First he has to send it to another federal firearms dealer, who also does a background check on the buyer.

George Butcher, Planning Board member, asked Swan a few questions about the background check process during the meeting.

“You’re keeping on top of it, and that is a good thing,” Butcher said to Swan.

A neighbor of Swan’s attended the meeting to tell board members he has no problem with the business. Crossley said he also talked to another neighbor who also didn’t have any problems with Swan selling firearms.