Parson Records 718 Series At JBC

Terry Parson cracked a 278-232-208-718 to headline the Butera’s Towing League at Jamestown Bowling Company on Tuesday night.

Parson fired his high series for JPF Trucking while coming in second was John Johnson with a 267-245-708 for R & R Garage also in the Butera’s Towing League at JBC.

Jim Elardo drilled a 211-221-626 and Don Hillyer a 233-620 in the Tuesday Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Andrew Chapman hit a 268, John Van Horn a 258 and Brandon Carlson a 255 at JBC.

Patti Weeks drilled a 233 also at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Butera’s Towing League – Brandon Carlson 652, Chris Johnson 225-223-648, Mike Wallen 647, John Van Horn 646, Andrew Chapman 643, Dave Fiorella 235-639, Joe Sienicki 237-227-623, Dave Rasmussen 225-607, Nate Lester 245-605, Dave Kohlbacher 583, Bob Weeks 578.

Senior Coffee Bowl – Jim Suckow 216-589, Barb Conklin 411.

Moon Brook Ladies League – Patti Weeks 573, Paula Morris 528, Kathi Ames 597.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men’s League – Adam Newhouse 235-629, Carl Neckers 596, Pat Bemis 575.

A. M. Senior League – Roger Post 193-503, Garnet Pier 177-477.