North Harmony Senior Citizens Hear From ‘Abe’ Impersonator

On President’s Day, the North Harmony Senior Citizens were treated to a presentation by Jeff Bloomquist, local historian, who portrays President Lincoln. He accepted the club’s invitation to present some insights and experiences of the late president. Bloomquist has devoted many years of his life in this portrayal. He presented some of the memorabilia in the form of books, pictures, garments and other materials that related to Lincoln’s life.

Bloomquist described how Lincoln came from a very humble family background. His parents spent time tilling the land. Lincoln’s education was sparse due to the fact that teachers were unknown, and if anyone could read, they became the instructors. He described how Lincoln was self-taught. Lincoln became a lawyer and the 16th President of the United States.

Bloomquist was descriptive in relating all the experiences of Lincoln’s life, but the most descriptive was the assassination of Lincoln. He reminded the group that the Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln’s deliverance of the Gettysburg address were celebrating their 150-year anniversary this year. He concluded with the fact that Lincoln is buried at Oakridge Cemetery in the Chicago, Ill. area.

After Bloomquist’s presentation, President Ferry conducted the rest of the meeting. With the usual Pledge to the Flag and opening prayer of thanksgiving, the members enjoyed a meal hosted by Gordon and Patricia Saulsgiver and Nyle and Joyce Warner. The birthday celebrants for February, presented with a cake provided by Loretta Saulsgiver, were Anita Ferry, Carol Davenport, Case Foster, John Smith and Edna Brown.

Various committee reports were presented in the areas of finance, grounds keeping, membership, memorials and future movie entertainment. Paul Holthouse, Arts and Crafts Committee chair, reported on the many items of needle work and sewing that were sent to the Shriners Hospital and R.S.V.P. Steve Saulsgiver reported on the progress of the Washington trip and other future events that would be forthcoming.

President Ferry reviewed the “2013 Functions of the Club Affairs.” He also discussed the future development of the function of a club historian.

Prior to the adjournment of the meeting, President Ferry indicated that next month’s gathering would feature a paid spaghetti dinner. It would be hosted by Anita and Earl Ferry, Bonnie Johnson, Case Foster, Ray and Penney Rossey, with the celebration cake being supplied by Penny Rossey.

Gordon Saulsgiver led the group in closing prayer of thanksgiving and safe travel.