Adam’s Karate Academy Members Compete At King Cobra Tournament

ERIE – A number of students from the Gaffar Adam’s Karate Academy competed in the King Cobra Karate Tournament recently.

At the Junior Black Belt Level, Reece Bly finished first in Point Sparring.

In the Adult Underbelt Divisions, Mike Potter finished fifth in Point Sparring, Scott Ridout placed first in Weapons and Open Hand Kata, and placed second in Point Sparring in a bout against teammate Reed Burgeson, who finished first. Erika Connor placed third in Open Hand Kata division.

In the Junior Underbelt Divisions, Andrew Ashdown placed first in Point Sparring, Ejuah Adam placed fourth in Point Sparring, Tyler Ridout was third in Weapons, Open Hand Kata, and Point Sparring; Jackson Fowler was a finalist in his Open Hand Kata and Point Sparring divisions. Also, Allie Eckman placed second in Point Sparring, Tyler Eckman finished second in Point Sparring and Ethan Shields placed first in Weapons and Open Hand Kata divisions.

On the opening night, teams competed in a number of three-man team and individual Ippon Kumite divisions. Sean Connor, Reece Bly, Allie Eckman and Tyler Eckman, Ethan Shields, Andrew Ashdown, and Ejuah Adam also competed and placed.