Chautauqua Lake Senior Makes Most Of High School

MAYVILLE – When it comes to taking on challenges, “no” is not a word that appears in Luciana Sena’s vocabulary.

Luciana, who goes by the nickname “Luci,” is a senior at Chautauqua Lake Central School. Currently ranked second in her class, Luci has excelled academically in her four-year high school career. According to Luci, her scholastic interests are diversified, rather than focused in a single area.

“I have a pretty wide base covered when it comes to my schedule and classes,” she said. “I don’t really have a favorite subject or anything that I’m drawn toward.”

According to Jason Richardson, Luci’s guidance counselor, her diversified interests are a distinguishing characteristic.

“She has a lot of different interests, and she’s kind of a multi-faceted kid,” said Richardson. “That’s probably one of her best qualities.”

While she is not sure of what her future holds for her in terms of a career, Luci is planning to attend Jamestown Community College for a liberal arts degree. Though she expects to take classes on the Jamestown campus as a traditional student for the first semester of her freshman year, she is hoping to acquire an internship through the college at Disneyworld for her second semester.

“It’s paid, and I would work and live down there (in Florida),” she said. “Hopefully, it will spark something that would interest me.”

According to Richardson, Luci’s intuition for organization and planning would make her a prime candidate for the Disneyworld internship.

“She’s almost like an event or hospitality manager,” he said. “That’s part of the reason why she has an interest in Disney.”

Luci, who transferred to Chautauqua Lake as a ninth-grade student, has made the most of her high school career, and has achieved a substantial head start on her college career. By the time she graduates from Chautauqua Lake, she will have acquired more than 30 college credits by taking virtually every advanced placement and college course the school has to offer. Currently, she is enrolled in AP English, AP environmental science, human anatomy and calculus.

She also hasn’t shied away from taking positions of responsibility in her extracurriculars. She is currently co-president of Student Administration which coordinates events such as homecoming, spirit week, community service and pep rallies and vice president of National Honor Society.

She has also participated in soccer as a co-captain, softball, high school bowl and concert band as a trumpet player. Outside of school, she is heavily involved as a member of St. James Roman Catholic Church in Jamestown. At the church, she has taken the roles of altar server, lecturer and Eucharistic minister. Prior to transferring to public school, she attended the Catholic Academy of the Holy Family.

“I do a lot, and sometimes that does get difficult,” she said. “And my parents are a huge influence on me. So, I turn to my faith and my family a lot when things are getting rough and I’m stressed out.”

She was also a participant in the 2012-13 Distinguished Young Women of the Lakewood Area competition, which was held at Jamestown High School on Nov. 3. Luci was the third runner-up in the competition, which earned her a total of $1,175 in scholarship money.

“That was a very beneficial experience for me,” she said. “It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot from it.”

According to Richardson, the combination of Luci’s personality and ambition led him to recommend her for this feature.

“People love to work with her, including students and teachers,” he said. “They know that if she’s involved in (a project), it’s going to get done and get done well. She kind of has a magnetic personality because she’s very positive and doesn’t get easily discouraged. She doesn’t say “no” a lot, and if there’s an opportunity for advancement, she grabs it.”

Josh Liddell, secondary school principal, also made mention of Luci’s positive attitude and leadership abilities.

“Luci is a wonderful student with a positive attitude and great demeanor,” he said. “She has continuously displayed an excellent work ethic and has been a conscientious student leader. She has successfully managed playing on a variety of athletic teams, being in our school musicals and leading many of our co-curricular clubs. She has completed all of these endeavors while performing at a very high level academically. Luci has a very bright future and exemplifies what we want to see in our students at Chautauqua Lake.”

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