Getting A Jump On Springtime Turkey Hunting

In a couple of months local hunters will be taking to the woods in search of the wild turkey. I am truly in love with hunting and chasing spring longbeards is my passion. In the outdoor world there is nothing I have experienced that gets my heart bumping more then hearing a gobbler at first light.

Knowing what the birds are doing in your hunting area is the most important piece of the turkey-hunting puzzle. Without birds, all the calling, fancy decoy setups and equipment is for naught if they aren’t in your area.

During the first part of the season, the best way to hunt birds is covering their travel routes. Traditionally, it is best to roost birds the evening before your hunt and then sneak as close as possible for the prefect set-up.

Wild turkey are interesting critters. The way they live, where they sleep, their travel patterns and their mating ritual is like none other in the wild. In our world it’s boy meets girl, then boy courts girl and generally girl plays hard to get and then boy chases girl. But not in the turkey world. There, the hen goes to the gobbler.

So as spring turkey hunters it’s our job to convince the boy to come to girl and it’s backwards of how Mother Nature programmed the turkey. As turkey hunters it’s the biggest challenge we face every time we step into the world of the spring turkey hunting.

For the folks that have never hunted the spring turkey this sounds like a difficult a task and they are right, but it’s also one of the most rewarding when one is successful.

For most of us, spring turkey hunting is life-long passion. Some say that spring-turkey hunting is a sickness and they are right. But each season thousands folks get introduced to hunting through spring-turkey hunting. Being a spring-turkey hunter is exciting and fun.

Remember, patience and having all the pieces of the puzzle fit just right at the right time will make your hunt successful. Listening to your birds and letting them teach you instead of you teaching them will help fill a spring tag